Posted by: Jane Dominguez, CPA | June 22, 2010

Three Things Your Reader Decides About You Before They Read Your Email

3 Things Your Reader Decides About You Before They Read Your Email


Stop. Before you send out yet another email, consider what your reader knows about you before they read your message. No, your email recipients don’t have a crystal ball, and they don’t need one. Business readers form an opinion of you and the content of your email before they read a word. Here are 3 things your reader decides about you before they read your message.

1. Are you a professional? Does your message follow the standard layout of a business block letter or does it look like a quick note you jotted to a friend? Style and format arrive first, and using the block letter format announces you as a professional. Often, you will not need to include an inside address, but the other business block letter components are valid for every email message. Be sure to start with a salutation. We wouldn’t attend a meeting with our client or associate and not greet them. If we didn’t at least say hello and just started talking about the first agenda topic, they would think we are rude. It is no different with emails, without a simple greeting we can be perceived as terse or demanding.

2. Do value and respect them? A well-formatted email also makes your reader feel valued and respected. Lack of style and format tells people feel they are not worth the time and effort of a better message. Concise emails with short paragraphs with a blank line between each one makes your message more inviting to read. When a reader sees long blocks of text, they may assume your material is not organized, and will require a lot of time to dig through. Most readers won’t put that much time and effort into reading a message, not even yours. Bullet points can be a great way to break up large amounts of information, and readers are attracted to them, knowing they can scan your main points quickly. Fancy fonts may seem innovative, but give an unprofessional look. Use standard fonts to generate the write impression.

3. Are you the best person to do business with? People won’t buy what doesn’t look good. Marketing professionals know the importance of good packaging, and spend large sums of money for the right look to entice buyers. Written information is important to the success of our businesses. It is often our only or best opportunity to sell our products, services, recommendations and ideas, and a well-crafted message is critical for success. When material for an existing or potential client is poorly presented, the client is unlikely to proceed with future endeavors and will find someone else to work with. The better formatted your emails are, the more you are perceived as knowledgeable and competent.

The ability to present you material well, in a clear and correct manner, is a key way to differentiate yourself from competitors and build strong business relationships. Let clients and associates know from the first glance of your next email message that you are a professional and the one they want to do business with.


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