Our mission is to help employees at all levels get the write results the first time; reducing frustration, saving time and money, and making the making the right impression.

 Better business writing rewards the employee, the employer and the company’s bottom line.  We ensure success by delivering outstanding and practical on-site business writing workshops.



Jane Dominguez, CPA, “The Email Doctor,”® created a successful business around a simple philosophy, “Write Well — Right Results.” She is a leading authority on writing business documents and emails that are quick, complete and professional.

During more than 20 years as a corporate financial executive, working with publicly-held companies, Jane found success by communicating complex material clearly, simply and concisely. The ability to deliver intricate financial information to varied and global audiences  was essential. Jane notes, “Thanks to technology, we write more than we have in the last 30 years, and excellent written business communication skills are essential. We must be able to communicate effectively with customers, team members, vendors, and others across the street and around the globe. Business writing must be crisp and succinct. Our audience has limited time in which to read our material and will likely skim the email or document for the main point. Readers have an interest in what we say only insofar as it affects their working world. Improving business writing skills is a fast, cost-effective way to improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction and improve the company’s bottom line.”

The Write Business Advantage provides on-site workshops and webinars packed with simple tools and tips to improve the writing skills of everyone from the recent college graduate to the executive in the corner office. Better business writing is the key to getting desired results. Small changes not only provide positive results, they improve the reader’s experience, creating better business relationships. Jane works with local and national corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and web-based enterprises to improve writing techniques increasing speed and efficiency for the write response the first time. Jane’s materials are well known for their ease of use, immediate application and great results. Multi-national corporations find Jane’s products valuable for communication with clients and customers with English as their second language.

Over 10,000 people follow Jane’s “Fat-Free Business Writing Tips” and other better business writing information on Twitter. She is a frequent speaker and panelist for local and national events. Her articles are regularly featured in national publications, required reading for classes at major universities, and distributed by major corporations to their employees.



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